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What is self-storage?

Unlike traditional warehousing storage offered by large companies, self storage offers you full flexibility and control over how and when you wish to use your storage space. Self storage eliminates the high cost, tedious paperwork and stringent procedures that are unavoidable at large warehouses. As the name implies, self storage allows you and yourself (and of course your trusted friends and colleagues authorised by you) to store as little or as much as you need, and access your stored items as often as you wish. Access at our Mermaid Beach location is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and out Miami location between 7am and 7pm, 7 days per week.

Is self-storage safe and secure?

Self storage in our new containers is the safest and most secure storage on the planet. Entrances, exits and common isles within our facility are monitored by 24-hour CCTV cameras. Recordings are stored for review if it is necessary. Customers will be provided the electronic gates access code to access the facility. The system identifies and records every entry and exit via this access code to ensure that only customers and their authorised representatives have access to the facility. We provide our patrons with free use of a heavy duty padlock to secure their storage unit. Read more about the security of containers HERE

At GCSC you are only able to access the facility via the electronically operated security gate. The gate closes behind you once you enter the facility. Full and half containers provide you with the facility to use 4 exposed padlocks and a cubby lock for added security. You won't get much safer than our facility.

Can I move in after hours and on weekends and public holidays?

You definitely can move in at our Mermaid Beach facility anytime you like and at our Miami facility between 7am and 7pm - 7 days per week, after you have signed your storage agreement with us and paid the first months rent and the security bond. Our service manager will activate your mobile phone immediately and provide the unique pin code to enter the electronic gates once the agreement has been signed. Just be sure to lock your unit with the free padlock we provide you use of when you have moved your items into your storage unit.

Are the containers weather, vermin and fire proof?

Yes. Our storage containers are built to industry leading specifications and are 100% weather, dust, vermin and fire proof. They are the strongest, safest storage solution on the planet! Read more HERE

Do I need to provide my own padlock?

GCSC provide you free use of a heavy dutypadlock for the duration of your storage term. The containers can be locked with 5 padlocks, including a secure hidden cubby lock. If you require additional padlocks you can bring your own with you on the day you move in, or alternatively purchase additional Siren Alarm padlocks from our office.

If you have elected for managed storage, management of GCSC provide the padlock and hold the keys.

How do I pay for my unit?

You can pay via cash, credit card (Visa or Mastercard only + 1.75% surcharge), or direct bank deposit or debit. A monthly invoice is sent to your preferred email address before the next rental due date. It is your responsibility to pay your account on the due date.

When are late fees charged to my account?

Late fees are charged when the account is not paid on time. When you sign a contract with us a schedule of our late fees and administration charges will be provided and explained in detail.

Do staff at Gold Coast Storage Co. have access to my unit?

No. You are the only one who can access your full or half container. You will have your own access code to enter the electronic gates with your mobile telephone and you keep the key/s. Gold Coast Storage Co. do not hold any keys for customers on the premises.

If you have open stack or "managed storage" segregated within a container, management have access to supervise other storers entry to and from the container

What are your opening hours?

You can access your container at Mermaich Beach 24/7 and at our Miami location 7am to 7pm - 7 days per week by utilising your mobile phone to access the electronic gate. Our phones are also manned at all times and the onsite office is usually manned 10-2pm Monday to Friday and weekends by appointment.

What happens if I have a problem in the facility after hours?

Management and staff have mobile phones and can be contacted after hours.

Do you offer Storage insurance?

We recommend Self Storage Insurance if your household contents insurance does not cover your goods whilst in Storage. We suggest you contact your Insurance Company to double check. GCSC offers Self Storage Insurance at competitive prices via Midlands Insurance Pty Ltd. The policy is underwritten by CGU Insurance Ltd.

Can I move out any time?

We are sad to see you go however when you wish to move out, just give us either 14 or 30 days (refer to your storage agreement) notice by phone, email or in person. On move-out day, simply empty out the space and leave the unit unlocked with the padlock inside the unit. Our service manager will inspect the space the next working day and you will be refunded with any unused paid rental along with your security bond pending there has been no damage to the container or the facility and it has been left in a clean and tidy condition. We provide access to brooms, mops and buckets for your use however cleaning charges will apply if the unit is not cleaned. If stains have been left, a fee for repairing the floor of the container will apply.

What happens if I move out early?

A minimum 1 month term applies. Post one month's storage you will only pay for the storage you have used in a calendar month period from when you moved in if you provide the required notice. We will refund any un-used rent if you paid in advance and base this on the term you actually rented.

How do I move my goods to the facility?

To keep costs low, you may move the items in on your own. There are plenty of trolleys available free of charge to help you move things with ease. Regardless, if you need extra help with moving, you may wish to engage the services of our one of our recommended removalists. Please ask our staff for details.

Does my Container Unit internal lighting?

No the container units do not have internal lights however an extension lead can be connected to a power outlet if you require lighting. However the facility is flood-lit at night.

Can I upsize or downsize my container unit when my needs change?

Most definitely. If you have more or fewer things to store over time, changing the unit size is not a problem however your preferred size is subject to availability.