Self storage is your ultimate room away from home!

It is the place for you to store whatever you need to that you can’t fit into your own home. Ideal for de-cluttering, storing seasonal clothing, sporting items, collections, memorabilia, kids toys, records, anything at all.

Advantages of Self Storage

The advantage of self storage in Full and Half Containers is that you keep the key to your unit, so no-one else has access to it unless you give them the key. You can access your goods anytime you need them without having to pay anything. This means you can visit your unit as often as you want, whenever you want for no extra cost. It really is your room away from home.

Re-claim that spare room, put the car back in the garage, free up space in the shed so you can actually get to your gardening tools. Make space in your own home by using a self storage unit.
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