Moving in the rain

What to do when a weather bomb hits the day you are moving to your Gold Coast Storage ® unit!

You are all geared up, the removalist is booked, or in the case of DIY's the trailer or truck is booked and your team of mates are ready to help move your gear into storage.

On the day the armageddon of weather bombs hits the Gold Coast and its not just wet its absolutely teaming cats and dogs and BOM Radar is identifying it is not about to let up any time soon!


When storing it is essential your goods are completely dry to avoid mold, mildew, rust, corrosion and rot however in torrential rain it is virtually impossible to keep your goods dry.

Moving at the best of times is extremely stressful but when it is raining the stress levels are raised considerably.

The sensible and safe solution is to postpone your move to storage until the rain ceases, however doing so may not be an option! Therefore what are you to do?

Firstly stay calm! The job has to be done so it is best panic is kept at bay.

Secondly safety is paramount. Everything can become slippery in the wet from hallways in your home, driveways, to the floor of the moving van and storage unit making moving in the rain hazardous including the road to drive to your storage unit.

Thirdly you will need to ensure you stay dry, umbrellas really won't do the trick in a weather bomb. Whilst removalists are usually equipped with wet weather gear, your DIY team will need some decent rain coats, non-slip shoes/welly's and gloves to keep dry.

Fourthly rustle up as many towels as possible. It will be essential to wipe your gear as dry as possible as it is stacked into storage. Round up from friends/neighbours and family tarpaulins and as much heavy duty covering to shield goods that are not waterproof whilst being transported from your home to the truck/trailer and vice versa into your storage unit. (Mattresses/lounge suites etc). A quick trip to a hardware store may be required to equip yourself for moving in the wet.

Keep in mind plastic covering may protect goods, however the plastic covering will become wet and droplets from the covers will create moisture in your storage unit.

Ideally heavy canvas tarpaulins are more suitable, however they will still retain some moisture. Furthermore using plastic covering on ground surfaces can be dangerous as it becomes very slippery. It is best to use cardboard boxes in walkway areas.

If you are moving into an enclosed warehouse storage facility it is possible the loading bay will be protected from the weather, however if you are moving into a mini storage facility or a Gold Coast Container Storage facility you should expect there will be no protection from the wet weather when you offload.

As your gear is being loaded into storage ensure everything is wiped thoroughly dry. If cardboard boxes have become wet, it is recommended goods are repacked into dry boxes.

The weather may be so bad that you simply have to get everything into the storage unit as soon as possible and there is no time to dry off your gear as it is loaded. If you are using a furniture removalists that has agreed to move your goods in very bad weather conditions, you can expect they will be wanting to get the gear on and off their vehicle as quickly as possible.

This unfortunately leaves you in a situation of damp, wet and potentially saturated gear in storage.

This is not good!

If this occurs, to properly protect your goods you will need to wait until the weather clears and unpack your storage unit, repack wet boxes and dry off furniture thoroughly before stacking back into your storage unit again.

Lastly obtain some "moisture absorbers" such as "DampRid" available from hardware and discount stores, or a natural option such as "clay Kitty Litter". Pop it in a bucket and it will absorb moisture in the storage unit. It is a good idea to replace the moisture absorbers or litter every few weeks.

Even a small amount of rain can dampen goods and create moisture in your storage unit so we recommend always placing some form of absorber in your storage unit.

Moving to a Gold Coast Storage ® unit in the rain unfortunately is a right pain and a lot of hard work and unless you wish to return to your storage unit to find your valuable goods covered in mould, you have no alternate options but to ensure the goods are dried off thoroughly even if this means coming back to your storage unit to air everything out and repack boxes before restacking back into your storage unit.

There is one thing you can be assured of, Gold Coast Storage Co's containers are 100% water proof when closed, therefore once your goods are carefully stored they are safe from Gold Coast weather bombs!

Remember - Always store dry goods!