SELF STORAGE FIRES - Why you should insure.

Self Storage Fires

Self Storage Fires?

Earlier in 2016 a fire broke out at a Gold Coast Storage ® Facility. You can read more about it HERE.

Fortunately in this incident no one was hurt and we cannot imagine how tragic it must have been for the storer/s to learn their valuable goods had gone up in flames. It must have also been a terrible experience for the facility owner also. We sure hope they both had storage insurance. The article also mentions there was no on-site management at the time the fire erupted. This can be quite common for a storage facility and an additional reason to insure your goods when storing.

An incident in New Zealand in 2014 damaged 225 units in a large warehouse storage facility with estimated costs of the fire at over $8 million dollars. The facility was eventually demolished. The cause of this incident was arson. You can read more this incident HERE

Large storage warehouses are usually designed to limit the risk of a fire spreading and should have plenty of Fire Safety precautions in place however large warehouse fires can spread quickly. It is a good idea to always check out the facilities fire prevention procedures and ensure sprinkler systems are in place.

At Gold Coast Storage Co our patrons store their goods within strong and sturdy shipping containers. Absolutely the strongest and safest way to store your gear. Fire cannot get into a container or bounce from container to container as what can occur in facilities secured by roller doors or within large warehouses. Smoke and fire can enter under a roller door or through the roof structure.

Whilst nothing is infallible to extreme temperatures, shipping containers remain the most resilient against fire.

These are a few things to consider when selecting a self storage facility for your valuable goods and as per our recent article Gold Coast Storage Co strongly recommends Self Storage Insurance.