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Back in the good old days - well the 1980's and 90's the proprietors of Gold Coast Storage Co, Wayne and Christine Fox owned the largest privately owned Furniture Removal business on the Gold Coast.

We operated locally and interstate and had storage facilities at our warehouse and also our container hire/storage facility. We were also approved contractors to the Department of Administration Services to relocate government personnel from the Army, Navy, Air force etc. What a time it was!

We had up to 30 staff in the busy times and it sure was a lot of very hard work!

One of the most difficult aspects of a furniture removal business was finding qualified and reliable staff that took great pride in their work and would take the very best of care of our clients furniture and affects in addition to looking after our expensive fleet of vehicles.

Back then we had a great team of long term removalist drivers and offsiders but occasionally we had some doozies and I am sure anyone that has had a bad experience with a Furniture Removalist will relate!

There is nothing easy about moving let alone having a shocking removalist!

Needless to say we are pleased those days are over and now proud owners of Gold Coast Storage Co.....a much less stressful business! As part of our service we can arrange everything for our clients including removalists, however this time we don't employ staff or own trucks, we use some of the Gold Coast's best owner operator removalists.

By owner operator we mean the man that owns his truck and engages an offsider to assist. They don't have a fleet of trucks or a team of staff they must rely upon.

We prefer to book or refer on behalf of our patrons owner operators as they get on with the job and take great care and pride in the operation of their business ensuring our clients are provided with the ultimate of five star service. They don't sit around having smokos on their employers time and costing the client more in removal costs, owner operators work rain, hail or shine! They are their own boss and if they don't do a great job then it is their business reputation at stake.

Our preferred removalists don't turn up in thongs or shabbily dressed, they arrive on time appropriately attired and equipped along with taking great care of their vehicle ensuring it is always well maintained at all times.

One of our preferred removalists is S & P Removals. Owner Marc Ghazal has been in the furniture removal game for 6 years and a resident of the Gold Coast for 20 years. Marc's offsider Carlos also has 6 years experience. And what a handsome hardworking team they are!

Marc and Carlos have been to Gold Coast Storage Co on many occasions and our clients have been over the moon with their fantastic service and affordable rates.

S & P Removals can do everything from small to large moves and you can be assured of the very best of service. We can arrange removal bookings on behalf of our storage clients or if you simply need a great removalist give Marc from S & P Removals a tingle on 0425 357 161.

Its always a good idea to book our PREFERRED GOLD COAST REMOVALISTS in advance. Due to their extraordinary service, skills and affordable rates they are usually pretty busy moving people around the Gold Coast!

Gold Coast Storage Co - your one stop shop for moving and Self Storage!

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